Regardless of how well the flooring, design, and painting may be, an interior space remains incomplete without a properly installed ceiling. The same goes for partitions; when installed improperly, the building’s interior appears completely misplaced, overshadowing the other aspects of the design. Our expert services at Emirates Facilities are specially designed to prevent any of these mishaps from negatively affecting your ceiling and partition systems.

We have expertise in installing the following ceiling types:

  • Gypsum Ceiling
  • Gypsum Tiles
  • Aluminum Tiles
  • Aluminum Suspension Type
  • Suspension Grids
  • Suspension Mesh
  • Acrylic Type
  • Wooden Ceiling


Suspension Grids is another category of modern ceiling works which gives your ceiling a tidy and impeccable outlook. Designed to hang from the ceiling, it provides enough space above the grid to conceal ductwork, piping, and other ugly but essential utilities that are installed at the ceiling.

Wooden Ceilings, which as the name implies, are made of wood, are very universal and multi-functional. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study, home office, library, and even the bathroom, many interior designers favor this style of ceiling to create a functional yet beautiful decor.

Practically, every form of ceiling and partition in modern construction is well within our professional capacity. Emirates Facilities can serve your needs and has established itself in the industry as a reliable partition and ceiling contractor in the UAE.

At Emirates Facilities, our track record shows how perfectly equipped we are to take on these services in their different forms and for various types of buildings and interior spaces. So far, we have successfully installed drywall partitions and other types of aesthetically pleasing and structurally durable ceilings. Our range of providing these services for clients all over the gulf includes the installation of moisture resistant, fire-rated regular gypsum boards, aluminum and steel ceilings. We also install specialized ceiling systems such as suspended ceilings with additional partitions to optimize space for convenience.

Making Gypsum Ceilings, for example, is one of the many categories where our specialties lie. Ceiling works made of gypsum are famous for being lightweight, heat-insulating and fire-retardant. Gypsum can be easily installed through a quick and clean process, and has a fine smooth surface that works quite well with paint. As a material, gypsum has proven to be versatile, as it can be adapted into different forms and forms of finished ceilings. Plaster of Paris (Pop), Gypsum Boards, and Gypsum Tiles are common applications of gypsum for creating ceilings and partitions.