Paintings and Wallpapers represent the "feeling" of the room to the inhabitants and visitors alike. They are overwhelming aspects of the interior design of any room — almost impossible to escape. They create the mood of the room and have a major radiating influence on every activity conducted within the space. At Emirates Facilities, we have mastered the art of enhancing the visual outlook of your building, creating an ultimately appealing feeling.

In addition to improving the appearance of your building and interior space, our experts have also proven to be adept at knowing the performance features of different types of paint. This guides our selection process in coming up with the best and most suitable product to be applied to our clients' buildings. Our consistent delivery in this regard has earned us the reputation of being the foremost painting and wallpaper fixing company across the UAE.

From oily to plastic and acrylic type paints , our experts easily identify the most suitable type of paint for the different buildings and interior spaces of our clients. Oily paints, for one, is a category that is more suitable for painting metal, gypsum, cement, and wood's exterior surfaces. Its main advantage remains how easy it is to wash or clean surfaces when they get stained or contaminated. However, plastic paints are more suited for surfaces such as plaster, cement, interior surfaces and stained ceilings that cannot be reached and contaminated.

When you use acrylic paints, you can completely wash them off, just like oil paints. They leave a long-lasting and durable layer of paint on your surface. Acrylic paints continue to be the most appropriate choice for delicate locations such as dining halls, kindergartens, and hospitals. They are stable, durable, and environmentally friendly.