Whether design & drafting or process of execution, our company focuses on offering tailor made services that help you accomplish all your MEP needs.

We aim to offer a blend of cost-efficiency, quality workmanship that’s on par with industry standards and time bound MEP Engineering. Our MEP projects are managed by experienced project managers to ensure a satisfactorily completion for our clients. We can therefore handle both the thinking and execution, while all you have to do is commence use of your building.

We provide the following MEP Services

  • HVAC works
  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing works
  • Carpentry

At Emirates Facilities, we are equipped to bring your MEP installations to as close to perfection as humanly possible. While installing MEP systems, we take on certain important responsibilities on our clients' behalf, including major and minor decision making, construction administration, cost estimation, documentation, building maintenance, and general building management. Our ultimate goal is to design and install systems that make your building pleasant and comfortable, whether it is a simple family home or a multiple storey business complex.



At Emirates Facilities, we apply absolute precision during the planning and execution of HVAC systems on behalf of our clients because precision is what is required. Our aim is always to have you feel the effects of a comfortable and well-ventilated space immediately you step into the room, without having to think about the machines responsible for the impeccable ventilation system.

We source and install the best air ducts, supplying warm and cool air to heat, cool, and ventilate your building as necessary. Our services also cover the installation of both new and existing HVAC systems. Whether you need to maintain or upgrade your existing HVAC system or install brand new units, be rest assured that Emirates Facilities can be your trusted and reliable partners at all times.