We live in a regulated society, with rules, policies and laws that must be complied with. Sometimes, they may seem too much, but as we know, rules are rules. Erecting buildings from scratch and making renovations or substantial additions to existing structures may require obtaining regulatory and governmental approvals. We understand that different countries and locations have their distinct environmental and real estate regulations, which is why our services cut across different regions of the UAE and beyond. Before commencing your project, we consider all the legal and regulatory requirements and handle them accordingly.

We have a team of professionals who have the knowledge, capacity, and experience to navigate the approval processes, file the necessary paperwork, and get the required stamps and signatures. We ensure that every prior approval and authorization required is obtained to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted construction process, which our clients deserve.

We have cultivated a very productive professional relationship with authorities across different parts of Dubai, including the Dubai Municipality, TECOM & Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, Trakhees, Civil Defense, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and DEWA.

At the planning stages of projects, our clients are sure to have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are very capable of scaling the hurdles of obtaining approvals and handling the design needs of your building at the same time. Our team of in-house designers and engineers are extremely meticulous in providing bespoke service and assistance to ensure client satisfaction, from inception to completion. Therefore, the paperwork, design, and execution are all taken care of by our able professionals.